This seems like an awesome benefit that I could support, especially since it is linked to tenure, I think that helps managers and staff. Also, as a manager, I'm way more invested in retention than having everyone available all of the time. It is harder to loose someone that has been there 5 years and really knows what they are doing than to let that person take a sabbatical or other type of leave for 6 months (at least in my org). Not to mention, it is just healthy.

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Loved the plays on words and dry humor in this piece, Bob. 🤣 And a 400% reduction like that only occurs in dreamland.

On the serious side, the sabbatical concept sounds great for employee renewal, self-improvement, engagement and loyalty (maybe we should call them “development months”) but it’s probably no coincidence that companies offering them are big and very prosperous. For less flush companies, cost could be a problem, but even a partial salaried sabbatical may be attractive to employees. And yes, cross-training is so important on many levels.

The good news is, as we boomers get out of the picture, I think creative benefits like this are going to be implemented in the workplace as the younger generations transform workplace culture and re-evaluate the role of work in their lives.

Keep up the great writing, Bob-always provocative, insightful and witty!

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